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  National Design Policy and more.
Yes, it's been a year since I've written on this blog. And another Pune Design Festival 2007 was organised, this time with yours truly (me) being the Chairperson. I think when one is so involved in designing and doing other things related to design, one does not write that much on the subject. And this is a personal opinion out of my own experience.

A look at what major design events happened in 2007:
1. The National Design Policy got launched. (finally!)
The Government of India has finally taken a good interest in design as an important field like medicine, engineering,etc. And on
8th of February 2007, the Union Cabinet approved the 'National Design Policy'. For more details:


2. Pune organised the second Pune Design Festival 2007. Here's a gist:

Pune Design Festival 2007

(20th-24th November, Pune)

A festival organised and managed solely by designers for the design fraternity, industry and public to enable Pune become the Design Capital of India.

The Pune Design Festival 2007 saw many vertical components-
1. Design competitions for school (India's first design competition for school children), college and non-design students.

2. Workshops for students: The first on Culture and Design by Lisa Yong and Wai-Loong Lim of YStudio, USA; Mukund Athale, Sarvasva Designs Pvt Ltd and Anirudh Natu,Symbiosis lnstitute of Design. The second workshop was on Strategic Branding taken by Anil Chouhan, Onio Design and Sanjay Jain, MIT-ID. These workshops were held at respective institutes.
3. Visions Workshop: A brand strategising workshop for corporate, management, decision makers and SMEs. Conducted by Eero Miettenen, Design Director, Nokia Design, Finland; Pankaj Sapkal, Short-path and Balakrishna Mahajan, Ticket Design. Held at Multiversity School of Design.

4. Exhibitions:
- Pune, its heritage and culture by INTACH-Pune Chapter
- National award-winning works of Indian Institute of Interior Designers(IIID).
- Showcase of works by designers of Pune, under the umbrella of Pune Design Foundation.

5. Conferences:

Spanning two days, 26 speakers, 8 moderators and encompassing fields of design like Product and Industrial Design, Design Management, Business, Culture, Environment, Automobile, Usability, Interaction Design, Colour Trends, Design Education, Communication Design, Architecture and Music + Design.

The conference had insightful and inspiring presentations by Padmashree Dr.Vijay Bhatkar, Freeman Lau-Hong Kong Design Center, Eero Miettenen-Nokia, Bhargav Mistry, Lisa Yong- YStudios, Jos Oberdorf-NPK Industrial Design, Satish Gokhale-Design Directions, Latika Puri Khosla-Freedom Tree Design, Neeraj Chandra-Britannia, Sudhir Sharma- Elephant Design + Strategy, Dr.Dinesh Katre-CDAC, Anurag Sehgal- Experiential Design Lab, Pramod Khambete- Tech MAhindra, Ajay Jain- Renault India, Nachiket Thakur- Mahindra Composites, Kiran Kulkarni- TATA Motors, Abhimanyu Kulkarni- Philips India, Nishma Pandit-Ticket Design, Girish Doshi- Navkar Architecture Studio, Christophe Francois - Institut Superieur de Design, France, Nachiket Thakur- Bamboo Vishwa, Prof.Pradeep Pendse- Welingkar Institute, Ampat Varghese-Srishti, Anirudh Natu-Symbiosis, Sanjay Jain- MIT-ID.

The Grand Finale was a presentation by Alessi- represented by Chiara and Giovanni Alessi.

One of the highlights was the Design Honour 2007 given to Shrikant Nivsarkar, President IFI, for his contribution to the design field.
1. Dhimant Panchal, MIT-ID
2. Ashwini Deshpande, Elephant Strategy + Design
Sammeer Chabukswar- Persistent Systems
4. Anand Palsodkar, Elephant Strategy + Design
5. Manoj Kothari, Onio Design
6. Nachiket Thakur, Bamboo Vishwa
7. Hrridaysh Deshpande, Elephant Multiversity - School of Innovation
8. Harshwardhan Gupta, Neubauplan Machine Design Studio

The Festival was a great success by the very fact that a group of designers could come together to organise such a large event and have such great content. And this being the second year only of Pune Design Festival; it still saw a huge number of eminent Indian and international speakers.

The Executive Committee of the Festival was:
1. Darpana Athale, Chairperson, Pune Design Festival 2007.
2. Nachiket Thakur, Vice-Chairperson, Pune Design Festival 2007.
3. Satish Gokhale, President, Pune Design Foundation
4. Ashish Deshpande, Vice-President, Pune Design Foundation
5. Sudhir Sharma
6. Mukund Athale
7. Hrridaysh Deshpande
8. Prakash Khanzode
9. Samyak Pungaliya
10. Pankaj Sapkal
11. Balakrishna Mahajan
12. Nishma Pandit

Sponsors: Principal Sponsor -Sakal; Industry Partner- MCCIA, Associate Sponsors- Think3, MIT-ID, Forbes Marshall, DSK School of Animation,Gaming and Industrial Design, Vishwakarma Institute Creative-i, Competition Sponsor- Symbiosis Institute of Design
Supported by: Designindia, NID, Intach-Pune Chapter, IIID, Kyoorius Exchange.
Organised by: PUNE DESIGN

Pune Design Foundation

Pune Design Foundation is an association of design professionals & thinkers from Pune and surrounding region determined to make Pune as the design destination in India.

Pune Design Foundation has Communication designers, Industrial Designers, Usability & interaction designers, Accessory designers, design & brand managers, design researchers and design educationists as its members.

Mission of Pune Design Foundation is to promote the cause and awareness of design as a necessity to good living and better business. The ‘Foundation’ believes that Pune region has strength of around 500 design professionals, a number that is bound to increase due to growth in the engineering, Auto and IT industry in this region.

Pune Design Foundation aims to;

1. Create a strong network of designers and create a platform for sharing design thinking and case studies

2. Increase the awareness of “good design” amongst the “people” and ”industry” thru out-reach programs, events and museums.

3. To spread design awareness at school level so as to inculcate design thinking in young minds as well as provide structured guidance to improve higher design education.

4. To undertake design of public convenience as a key program to elevate general life of common people

5. To identify and help integrate regional cultural values, crafts and traditions.

6. To link up with national and international bodies to help promote the Pune region as a design destination.

7. To become a voice of the design professional community at government policy level.

The Pune Design Foundation has been instrumental and has actively participated in the formation of the “National Design Policy” which was unveiled this year in February 2007.

3. CII_Design Summit

This was in Bangalore and the focus was on the National Design Policy largely. But with a great presence of international designers, this summit also saw a focus on 'innovation' as the next word instead of design. Brand Experience, Culture, Design 3.0 were some of the other buzz words.
The next Summit is slated to be in Pune. :)

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